Planet 1/48 Letov S-231


    The Letov S-231 aircraft was designed oto comply the requirements of the Czechoslovak Ministry of Defence and first waas flown on 17th of March in 1933. The prototype was handed to the Science Air Laboratory where the pilot crashed with it killing himself.

During the tests, the construction was modified and by the end of the year 1933 there were another prototype and 23 aircraft series were ordered. Although the factory began with the production, it lasted the order to be completed till 1935. Military authorities tested the second prototype all year 1934 and in November the aircraft was finally aproved for the service.

The serial machines were handed to the army in 1936 and were designated to the 2. air company in Olomouc. But by the end of the year the Ministry of Defence desided to sell the aircraft to the Spanish Republicans. First seven aircraft were stationed in Bilbao, other ten vere on the Cartagena airfield, the details of the service are not very known.

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