UM's 1/48 GAZ 67B


    The GAZ 67B was built ...

    More about GAZ 67B on wikipedia


    The kit consists of some xx parts and clear plastic frame with screen and lights. There is a small frame with parts of the driver figure. The decals are for four variants. The parts are clean of flash and with nice detail. Although there is place for some improvement beacause there are some missing details like engine hood locks.


    I started with the carriage and the main body. Then I glued the handlers, light parabolas and steering wheel axe. I added the lengine cover locks and handlers made of paper and wire respectively. I painted the construction section in this stage.

    I continued with gluing the details like front hooks, door covers. At this stage I sprayed the model with gloss varnish and put the decals on. Then I glued spare tire to the back of the body, seats and snap in the front screen.Then the matt varnish was applied. And the kit was ready to instal in diorama.

Colours and marking

    I wanted to use the vehicle in the diorama with some russian aircraft, so I wasnt bothered much about choosing the camoufage, all of them are of green colour anyway. I painted the main body with mixture of Gunze H.. and Gunze H.. Then the body was sprayed with Gunze gloss varnish and decals were applied.Then some dirt using Burnt Siena oil colour and scratches made with pencil were added and little patches of lighter green were spaayed in various places. The carriage parts where painted with black, rust and then various browns. At the end the body was painted with Gunze matt varnish.

    The wind screen, wheels and other details were painted before glued to their places. The tires were painted with green and Gunze Hxx Tire Black then dirtied with brown drybrush and wash technics. I painted seats with Gunze Hxx sand with brown drybrush and glued to the body. The windscreen was masked and the frame was painted with green and made some scratches with pencil and Revell silver 90.

    I wanted to have some figures in the diorama, so I went for the driver that is part of the kit. It contains of four parts - body, bottom with legs and hands. The driver is first painted with Gunze Flesh Hxx, then the uniform was done with Hxx green, the wash of darker green oil appliedon the uniform and left drying a bit then wipped off. The boots were painted with Earth brown.


    Obviously as any Tamiya kits, this one is nice, neat, quite easy and well detailed model that can be displayed itself or can improve the diorama with armour or aircraft.


June 2009

Martin Dolejsi

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