Tamiya 1/48 Beaufighter Mk.VI


    Bristol Beaufighter on wikipedia


    Do you really need anything on Tamiya kits? :)

    First, I don't check the size and shape against the drawings. Second it is very nice kit, with fine decals and by the time it came out I suppose it was the top of the modelers dream coming to reality.


    I made this kit some 8-9 years ago,when it came first out, I wasn't bothered about any after market enhancemants so it is, what it's called nowadays, out of box model. I did everything according to the manual and everything fit together very well. I had my time of fun with it and that's about it, what I remember.

Colours and marking

    I Like the Malta defence history, so I picked up the Malta Beaufighter camouflage. The whole aircraft is brush painted with the decals from the kit. I would do some things differently today, but nevertheless, I still like how it looks and who knows, I maybe repair the errors some day.


    Very good kit, what else you need to know?

November 2009

Martin Dolejsi

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