Hasegava 1/48 BMW 327


    More about BMW 327 on wikipedia


    The kit consist of a white plastic frames, one chromed frame and clear parts for windows. The parts are flash-clean and nicely molded. Although the white plastic is not ideal to work with. There is a decal sheet with lines and plate letters and numbers and in the manual are recommended three colour combination for the car. Apart of the car itself, you get the woman's figure and a dog.

    I bought Eduard's PE that contains instrument panel, cooler covers, pedals and belts.


    I started according to the manual and began with the chassis and body parts as there are few mold marks to repair or cut off. I glued the suspension, engine parts and gear to the chassis, I continued with petrol tank and exhaust pipe and painted the underside using the Humbrol enamels. I cleaned and painted the tires and left them for the final completion.

    I drilled the coolers in the chassis to be replaced by PE parts and ran into the question what to do with the now opened view to the engine area. I did not want to make complete engine and its contains and decided to use small block of Miliput to block the view.

Colours and marking

    I stuck with standard beige-black combination, as it looks posh enough to me and using the letters from the decal sheet I managed to put together Prague registration.


    Female figure has 4 parts - body with head, skirt and legs and arms and the assembly is very easy. I modified the hat and with scalpel deepened the underside of skirt to make the edges sharper.

    I sprayed the figure with Surfacer 1000 then with Flesh H... As I knew I will have the pilots figure in blue uniform to accompany the "actriz", I decided to paint the dress red using H.. with white details H... I used the same red darkened with touch of black for the underskirt part and wash. Then I used drybrush of the red lightened with yellow H...


    I really enjoyed this kit. It was no trouble in any aspect appart of removing few mold marks from the chasis. I used the model in this diorama.

June 2009

Martin Dolejsi

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