Smer 1/48 Avia Bh-11


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Last in a row of monoplane development of Benes and Hajn directly following the Bh-9 type of which could not be distinguished by the external shape.

The air force used this aircraft as courier and training plane. Most of these planes had equiped only the rear position.

In spite of its satisfiing performance, the problem for the unexperienced pilots presented by very sensitive response occured (the base training was done on very stable and slow Hansa Brandenburg) and between september 1924 and june 1926 the acrobacy on all the Avia monoplanes was prohibited.

The monoplane became famous as a racer and in 1926 Dr.Zdenek Lhota defended the most famous trophy of Coppa d'Italia. He got killed in a crash together with his mechanic Volejnik performing manouvre unfit for the plane the day before start. But the trophy then was won by second Czechoslovak crew on Avia Bh-11c Bican-Kinsky.



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