Legato's 1/32 Avia B-35 1.prototyp resin


    The beggining of the development falls into 1936 when the constructors of teh Avia factory under the leadership of eng. Novotny, began the work on this new design. The prototype of Avia marked B-35.1 flew for the first time on 28. september 1938, during the mobilization of Czechoslovak army. ecause of the problems with the new developed engine and the undercarriage retracting system the first prototype had usual engine used in Avia B-534 and fixed undercarriage. In spite of that new design showed very good performance.

The prototype was lost on 22.November in a crash caused by the error of the pilot Sgt. Kavalec, who died.

In January the second prototype B-35.2 was ready. It had modified fuselage, smaller ailerons and larger flaps.

Third prototype, B-35.3, was flown only after the Nazi occupation, in August 1939. It was equiped with retractable undercarriage and the wing was modified. This prototype became the base for the type B-135 (Av.135)

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Martin Dolejsi

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