Planet 1/48 Aero A-304


    Aero A-304 was the result of MNO (ministry of defence) specification on observation and training aircraft. For the design development the transport Aero A-204 was originally used and the first prototype was flown in September 1938. The aircraft was intended for crew of 3, The series machines very supposed to have one forward fixed firing machine gun and two flexible - one in dorsal turret and the other one for defence of the bottom hemisphere. for the bombs the external racks were carried.

    The tests of two prototypes continued until the occupation of Czechoslovakia. Then the the Reichs Luftwaffe Ministry order 20 machines to be built and used them in training units in different places. These aircraft were equipped with the instruments according to Luftwaffe standards and the dorsal turret together with other combat equipment was omitted. Their active service ended in 1943 when the machines were withdrawn from it. At least one aircraft was sold to Bulgaria.

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    The kit has some 40 parts molded in Planet's usual light yellow resin very nicely done with very little flash. The undercarriage is molded in hard black resin and nice touch are the clear parts that are all duplicated. As with most of these kits of rare aircraft with scare documentation, the interior is very spartan and consist of pilots cockpit floor, pilot seats, instrument panel and steering wheel. The front observation post and the pasanger cabin is missing completally. Regarding the existance of the number of teh side windows, some extra work in the interior is recomendable.

    There are two marking options - for Czechoslovak prototype green/silver camo and for the green/light grey aircraft used by Bulgarian air force.






Colours and marking








June 2009

Martin Dolejsi

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